Digital Pedagogy of this platform

From the Queensland Government Department of Education, Training – Smart Classrooms’ strategy

Digital pedagogy including digital content (including eCurriculum) and eLearning is about is about engaging the digital generation, improving individualised learning opportunities, sparking innovation in learning, enhancing teachers’ capability.

The Department’s eLearning strategy is positioned at the forefront of transforming classroom practice and student learning opportunities. This approach promotes a blended model of learning featuring a balance between virtual and face to face delivery. The proportion of each delivery mode will vary significantly and is critically linked to the role of the teacher in facilitating learning. eLearning is not confined to independent study or remote learning models, it is an important consideration for all schools and teachers.

Digital Pedagogy is a new way of working and learning with ICT to facilitate quality learning experiences for 21st Century learners. Digital Pedagogy moves the focus from ICT tools and skills, to a way of working in the digital world.   This platform uses the combination of limited text, engaging drag-n-drop interface design, 2D and 3D animation and graphics contextualised into a careers based outcome.

Digital Pedagogy is defined as the convergence of technical skills, pedagogical practices and u understanding of curriculum design appropriate for digital learners. Digital Pedagogy used effectively supports, enhances, enables and transforms teaching and learning to provide rich, diverse and flexible learning opportunities for a digital generation. The platform information is presented in a non-linear format so as to accommodate any discussion that may occur during the careers discussion.  It provides the basis for engaging students in actively constructing and applying rich learning in purposeful and meaningful ways. Digital Pedagogy enhances opportunities for authentic, contextualised assessment that supports learning in a digital context.

The Digital Pedagogy program incorporates contemporary teaching and learning strategies. It features personalised approaches, intellectual rigour and engagement, connectedness to global contexts, supportive and collaborative classroom environments and a clear alignment of curriculum, assessment and reporting to improve outcomes for students.

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