Project Overview – Interactive Careers Platform

The Interactive Careers Platform has been developed in response to a growing recognition in high schools and universities that there is not enough information and advice for students (prior to Year 11) to make informed decisions about their future education investment and career pathways.

This highly engaging platform supports Phase Two of TAFE Queensland’s innovative #DiscoverMyFuture program. It takes Year 9 students on a journey of discovery about possible career options and pathways. Students are encouraged to be open to new ideas, ask questions and compare career pathways, income potential and lifestyle benefits. The platform is a powerful tool that evokes rich classroom conversations around possible career aspirations leading to answers to the dreaded question – “What will I do when I grow up?”which-way

The Interactive Careers Platform takes the #DiscoverMyFuture program to the next level of engagement.  It aligns to the Australian Curriculum and includes a one hour face to face workshop delivered by TAFE Queensland educators, a Professional Development workshop for Year 9 teachers and supplementary learning resources for three (3) lessons facilitated by high school teachers.

The pilot #DiscoverMyFuture program was launched in April 2016.  To date 1500 students have been surveyed with:

Over ninety (90) percent stating the program helped them to identify interests and explore career options.

Over eight-eight (88) percent stating the program helped them to understand various pathways to get their dream job.

constructionThe Interactive Careers Platform is a non-linear technology based learning platform.  An innovative feature of the platform is that it demystifies a range of careers within 19 key industries and associated occupations.  This is achieved by using a suite of interactive onscreen assets inside the latest transparent ‘drag and drop’ interface. It allows students to visualise a variety of career choices in coastal, rural and urban settings and seamlessly access information as required.

Familiar screen-time based videos, past student testimonials, animation and 2/3D technology is fully exploited to drive discussion and engage students in meaningful conversations about careers they may not have fully considered or even been aware of. A range of visual cues have been carefully selected to deliberately engage this student cohort and allow them to quickly process information.

The Interactive Careers Platform is an outstanding example of best practice. It will now support TAFE Queensland’s #DiscoverMyFuture program that has been successfully trialed in South West and East Coast regions of Queensland in 2016.



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