Project Software Challenges

The authoring tool of choice for this project was Articulate Storyline (SL2).  Other tools and approaches such as “BootStrap”, “Lectora”, “HTML native code” and “Adobe’s Captivate” were also considered.  However, SL2 was selected due to its power, flexibility, its outstanding forum based support and the ability for other TAFE Queensland staff or other third party users to make edits and add and expand on the existing content offerings.


The navigation design uses four separate ‘glass styled’ menus which animate form an off screen position to an onstage.  The menus present the educators with a number of interactive elements whose selection dependants on the direction the student discussion take.  These menu contain 22 stylised icons each with its own motion paths which are dragged-n-dropped in to place on the stage to trigger the interactive content.  The navigation framework has over 292 triggers to control the main navigation elements and maintain a consistence user experience and navigation logic.  The triggers present information on over 92 layers within the application with hotspots, hover, visited states and a number of interactive slide shows.


3D City scape – showing 20 industries

20 industries are presented within a comprehensive isometric 3D city which took over 20 hours to model and 3 hours to render a single JPG file.  The resultant Photoshop file has some 30 layers of additional information and a file size over 160Mb.  The base 3D city scape uses the latest Autodesk 3DS MAX, VRAY, ForestPack and RailClone plugins to assist achieve realistic look and feel. The industries allow the educators the ability to view end-to-end zoom regions to offer a zoom and panning effects of the city.

SW box_line-upThe presentation also incorporates some 40 JavaScripts to showcase industry data screens to dynamically count up/down numerical values to highlight statistical employment and income data.  Reallusion’s iClone 6 Pro and Character Creator were used to ‘previz’ all content poses. Suffice to say all software applications were significantly pushed to the limit with stability and intuitiveness a welcome feature.


3D Chaos videos are interactive metaphors for educational pathways






3D city scape – shows 20 industries over an interactive 3D environment




Above shows the animated JavaScripts and 5 year employment data

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